Thursday, October 31, 2013

Public Enemy No. 1

Someone in a hurry tossed a black plastic trash bag beside the road. Peter and Silver and I walked right past it.

But then the wind kicked up a bit, and the plastic began to billow. Peter went rigid, staring at it. Then he growled, then began to bark at it. And it ignored him and kept shifting in the wind, and Peter started lunging toward it. (This is on a steep creek bank, where lunging could end in an unwanted splash.)

Finally, I took Peter and Silver back to the house. I went back and got the trash bag and put it in the garbage can, then got the dogs and walked them back down to the corner. With the enemy vanquished, Peter was willing to pee and poop on this trip. Silly boy.

* * *

Friday night, Peter goes to his new home after nine weeks here with Silver and me. A friend on Facebook put it well for both of us: "I will miss him. Good journey, wingnut. ♥ "

wingnut: (noun) A person appearing to be moderately to severely crazy, disoriented, jumbled and more often than not, a total mess. A wingnut is a constant source of entertainment to those surrounding it and can easily be found in any type of setting or venue. Example: grocery stores, sporting events, cross-walks, public transportation, school, work…you may even have one in your house.

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