Friday, October 25, 2013

Eight Weeks

Peter has been here 8 weeks today.

GRA Peter
Peter rings the bells

He's learned to sleep late (until after 9 some mornings; the secret is to make sure he gets a bedtime snack and a last trip outside). He's learned to signal when he needs to go outside. (And when he just wants to go outside.) He's learned to cuddle without being too pushy.

Although he'd like to come along when Silver and I leave the house, he's fine staying home by himself. He's muzzled in his crate so he won't chew the bars or get into trouble. I leave him kibble that he can get through the holes on his muzzle, and that distracts him when I leave. When I come home, he's relaxed and peacefully asleep. And he'll wait patiently in his crate while I bring in groceries.


And, what might be the biggest miracle, he's learned to slide his head onto Silver and nap there without making her mad. She never tolerated Sam touching her when she was lying down, but she didn't complain today.

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