Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The New Boy

No, it's the same dog--GRA Peter.

But he's like a new dog. Today is his 19th day here, and he's finally got a good grip on the rules.


When you're in the kitchen, he wants to join you. But walk him out of the kitchen, then stand in the doorway for a minute (or less), body-blocking him when he tries to come back in the kitchen. He'll go lie down on a bed, preferably one where he can watch what you're doing.

Leash walking? Walk him on a 4' leash if you're walking another dog at the same time. With both dogs on 4' leashes, you're walking two dogs on two leashes. If they're on 6' leashes, it's like walking half a dozen dogs on one knotted tangle. With the 4' leashes, no one clotheslines anyone, they don't get tangled on each others' leashes; they don't even get tangled on their own.

He had half a turkey neck today. Raw turkey necks, with uncooked bones, are good for dogs' teeth. I hook dogs to posts in the carport so they can't reach each other or try to steal from each other. He was fast and neat with his neck.

He's also gotten adept at his Kong, and usually gets all the kibble pieces out.

The way my condo is arranged, he could reach the kitchen trash can, but he hasn't even tried. (He did investigate the trash can in the bathroom, but I was standing right there and could keep him from collecting rustle-y paper.) He still looks longingly at yarn, but he watched me wind a ball of yarn today and only touched the dangling yarn once, pulling back when I told him "No."

This doesn't mean he's trustworthy at all times, such as when your back is turned. But it does mean he understands that some things aren't allowed, and he's willing to take guidance about what those things are. The day he walked in here--the day he climbed on top of his crate--he was convinced he could do anything he wanted.

My favorite improvement? He lets me sleep. He didn't wake me up this morning. I got up about 8:30 after a couple of snoozes, and when I went back to sleep after breakfast (this ragweed is killing me), he went back to sleep, too.

He's still a bit goofy: he talks to himself when he's awake and isn't otherwise occupied. His tongue still falls out of the right side of his mouth when he shakes his head. And let's not even pretend that he's okay around non-greyhounds. But he's ready to be someone's house dog and buddy, although--with his present behavior--he's welcome to stay here as long as he needs to.

Edited to add:


Yes. Well. Two minutes with my back turned. I'd been told he doesn't like pedicures, but this isn't the way to avoid them.

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